Sensei Roy O'Kane


Sensei Roy O'Kane is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Kanzen Karate. He has been training and teaching in Shotokan Karate for over 25 years.

Born in 1985, Roy grew up in the North East of Scotland and started karate aged 10 years old. Karate very quickly became his passion and he went on to compete locally, nationally and internationally for 16 years, consistently winning medals in both Kata and Kumite.

He has travelled, sought out and trained under some of the best instructors in the world, training diligently to improve his Karate.

Sensei Roy now leads the Instructor team and teaches regularly in Kanzen classes. His ambition is for Kanzen to grow and develop into a strong progressive Karate organisation with the highest standards of teaching, coaching and training.

Sensei Dan Woods


Sensei Dan Woods is the Assistant Chief Instructor of Kanzen Karate. He is a full-time karate coach and has been training in Karate for over 10 years.

Born in 1993, Dan joined his local karate club and applied himself diligently in classes as a youngster. With dedication and determination, he has went on to compete locally, nationally and internationally, representing Scotland across the world.

A multiple times association Scottish Kata Champion, he is one of Scotland's leading competition Kata exponents.

With over 14 years Karate experience, Sensei Dan focusses on developing competition talent within Kanzen, furthering his own training and building Kanzen into one of the most successful Karate organisations in the country.


Kanzen Karate teaches light contact Karate in a safe, fun and friendly environment to individuals and families across Tayside. We teach Shotokan Karate, the most widely practiced Karate style in the world. Contact us now to arrange a free trial class!


Dundee Sports Coach Of the Year


"Kanzen has so much love and dedication towards its students and they give it straight back. Family. Not a lot of sport clubs have this and it makes me proud to be part of it."

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